Amazing Hamburger Recipe You Have To Try

3 Hamburger Recipes You Would Love

There must be many saying that the recipe they suggest is the best hamburger recipe, but is it so? Let’s checkout what I have for you!

Hamburger is a type of sandwich which consists of cooked patties of meat (beef) placed inside a bun. Further it is topped with cheese, ketchup and different kinds of garnish. It’s a cheaper option on the menu and is everyone’s favourite. It’s basically fast food which can be made with different types of patties such as chicken meat, turkey meat even with veggies.

Traditional hamburgers patties are made with minced beef only which is served on major fast food joints. It’s fun food, fast dinner especially when are are throwing a barbecue party. Hamburgers is favourite among all age groups and you can have it on the go. Hamburger has become a staple of meals and part of American culture. Perfect For Summer BBQ’s and afternoon brunch.

This is my quick, easy and fast recipe for American-style hamburgers. They are going to be very simple and delicious meal for you and your family one weekend. It’s The Most Juicy Hamburger That’s Filled With Tons Of Flavour.


Amazing Hamburger Recipe
Amazing Hamburger Recipe

500 grams Ground beef (fresh)
250 ml of milk
Half onion (chopped)
1 egg
Bread crumbs 50-150 grams
Burger buns
Salt (according to taste)
Garlic powder (according to taste)
Pepper (according to taste)

For Garnishing:

Tomato slices
Lettuce leaves

Method For Making The Delicious Hamburger:

Take the minced meat into the bowl. Add the milk , egg and chopped onion to it. Combine them together add a bit of salt, garlic powder and pepper. Season it well, mix all together . Make patties out of the mixture and keep it aside. Further heat the grill pan add butter to it then place the patties on the pan on medium to low heat so that it’s cooked evenly. After that turn off the pan n let the patties rest in it for a while.
Note: the patties has to cooked on medium to low heat else it will be raw from inside.

Amazing Hamburger Recipe
Amazing Hamburger Recipe

Now in another pan add butter and toast the bun until it’s crisp. Now get the garnishing ingredients and start assembling everything all together. You have to put the patties on the lower side of the bun and add shredded cheese on top of it. Now put some sliced tomatoes and chillies. Finally add lettuce leaves on top of it. Apply a bit of mayonnaise on the other half of the bun and then place it on top. Gently press the bun so that everything comes all together. Wallah your supper quick Hamburger is ready. This recipe is the best hamburger recipe for me at least.

You can serve sweet potato fries or baked Parmesan potato wedges or if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, you can bake zucchini fries or roasted Parmesan broccoli.

After knowing such an amazing recipe anyone would be exited to cook it and try it. So, what are you thinking? Start your preparation and serve an amazing dinner to your family. Apart from this there are many other recipes available, but I have collected some of the tastiest and easiest recipes.

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