Delicious Burger Ideas For Everyone

Amazing & Delicious Burger Recipes

Fast food is famous globally & with the current generation, it is more common. The burger is one of them. Two pieces of the bun with stuffing in between seems tasty to all. Whenever we talk about burgers, it takes us back to our school days. There used to be a big line queued up to have one burger along with some other light food item. Burger has different varieties like its other companions of fast food. In this article, let us go through more on Amazing & Delicious Burger Recipes & its increasing consumption.

Amazing & Delicious Burger Recipes
Amazing & Delicious Burger Recipes

Type of Burgers

  1. Hamburger
  2. Veggie burger
  3. Ground Beef Burger
  4. Burger Patty
  5. Cheeseburger
  6. Steakburger
  7. Chicken burger
  8. Rice burger

Amazing & Delicious Burger Recipes

1.    Mexican Chicken Burger


•    One chicken breast

•    One tsp chipotle paste

•    One lime juiced

•    Two slices of cheese

•    One brioche bun, split

•    Half avocado

•    Two cherry tomatoes, chopped

•    Four pickled jalapeño slices, chopped

•    Half small garlic clove, grated

Amazing & Delicious Burger Recipes
Amazing & Delicious Burger Recipes


•    Place the chicken breast between 2 pieces of cling film & bash with a rolling pin. Blend the chipotle paste with 1/2 lime juice & sprinkle over the chicken.

•    Heat a griddle fry pan over a high flame. Once hot, bake the chicken for three mins each & every side until cooked through, pouring the cheese for the final two minutes of cooking.

•    Pour the bun, cut-side down, to the griddle pan to toast slightly. Season the chicken breast.

•    Meanwhile, mash the avocado along with the lime juice. Stir fry in the jalapeño, cherry tomatoes, & garlic, & season with a pinch salt. Sprinkle over the base of the bun, then put the chicken on the top of the bread.

2.    Nacho Cheeseburger   


•    Two beef burgers

•    Two slices cheddar

•    Two sesame seed buns

•    Two tbsp guacamole

•    Two Table Spoon chipotle or chili mayo

•    Two tsp salsa

•    Small handful salted nachos

•    Half little bunch coriander leaves torn


•    First of all, heat the grill to medium-high.

•    Keep the burgers on a baking sheet & grill for five to eight minutes on each & every side until Baked through.

•    For the last minute, Place the cheese slice on the top of the burgers and grill until melted. Toast the burger buns. Divide the burgers, guacamole, chipotle or salsa, chili mayo, & nachos, broken up, between each bun.

•    Garnishing with a sprinkling of torn coriander.

3.    Veggie Indian burger


•    Two vegetarian bean burgers

•    ¼ cucumber

•    ¼ onion (Red One)

•    Two tbsp mango chutney

•    20gms spicy Bombay mix

•    Half of the large ripe tomato

•    Two seeded wholemeal burger buns

•    Two tsp raita

•    ¼ bunch coriander


•    First of all, Cook the vegetarian bean burgers following pack guidelines.

•    Chopped the red onion, tomato, cucumber, & coriander and blend in a bowl.

•    Toast the buns.

•    Divide the raita, mango chutney, onion, the tomato, & cucumber salad & Bombay blend between each bun.

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