How Does Bobby Flay Burgers Are The Best Burgers?

How does Bobby Flay Burgers Are The Best Burgers?

Summer is the season of baking and grilling. In summer, people usually avoid fried foods and like to light grilled food. Especially when it comes to burgers, founders of burgers experiment new recipes and create different versions of burgers. You probably know about the Bobby Flay burgers at his restaurant named Bobby’s Burger Palace. Moreover, how will you feel if you know the secrets of Bobby Flay burgers? Here in this article, we have listed some tips from Bobby’s suggestions in the making of burgers.

Bobby Flay Burgers Secrets

How does Bobby Flay Burgers Are The Best Burgers?
How does Bobby Flay Burgers Are The Best Burgers?

80/20 Ground Chunk Usage:

Here 80 means 80 percent of lean and 20 means 20 percent of fat. You should make burger patties by using the same quota of 80/20 as patties are fatty food. The blend may not be diet-friendly, but you can have it occasionally. According to expert chefs, you can enjoy the same taste of burgers in burger patties.

Thumbprint In The Middle Of The Patty: Bobby Flay Burgers

Thumbprint causes the patty to puff up, and the thumbprint will bulge in the center. If you don’t mark thumbprint in the middle, the patty will puff out like a ball. Bobby said that thumbprint is essential to get the exact shape of the patty as you want.

Salt And Pepper Seasoning:

Sprinkle salt and peppers outside the burger. Furthermore, he suggested not to try meat, mixture, onions, herbs or garlic. Flay said that you should have a burger in your mind; you are not making a meatloaf.

High Heat, Canola Oil And Cast Iron:

Cast iron is Bobby Flay’s favorite ingredient. Cast iron has extreme heat retention and diffusion power. It helps the burger base cooking evenly. Flay said that heat cast iron pan until it begins to smoke on high heat. Now, add canola oil. Generally, canola oil is neutral in taste. Then put your burgers in the pan.

Flipping: Bobby Flay Burgers

Cook the burgers for 3 minutes to form the crust. Flip after 3 to 4 minutes with an iron spatula. Never flip a burger before the formation of the crust.

Right Temperature:

Burgers cooked at 145 degrees, rare medium flame, become juicy and pink in the middle. Bobby called such burgers a perfect beef. USDA suggested cooking burgers at 160-degree Fahrenheit to cook them thoroughly. Experts indicated that hamburgers should be cooked well at the right temperature for old, youngers and pregnant women. Otherwise, it causes digestion issues.

Cooking Temperature Cheat Sheet:

Rare: 6 Min.

Medium Rare: 7 min.

Medium: 8 Min.

Well Medium: 9 Min.

Well: 11 Min.

How does Bobby Flay Burgers Are The Best Burgers?
How does Bobby Flay Burgers Are The Best Burgers?

Use Cheese And Water: Bobby Flay Burgers

Add cheese slice between the two slices of burger and add some water on the surface of cheese slices. Cook them until they melt. Bobby hangs the signs of instruction in his restaurant’s kitchen to completely melt the cheese. Entirely melt cheese makes the perfect cheeseburger.

Squishy Bun:

Use squishy and soft bun, that people can hold in hands with all content inside correctly. Never use a fork or knife to enjoy a burger. Make the crust of burger crunchy.

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