What Is The Best Blend Of Meat For Hamburgers?

It is wiser to get the meat for hamburgers, from some local meat shop, than the supermarkets. Moreover high-quality beef and a blend with, optimal lean and fat ratio is ideal.

Fat Percentage

The fat contains in a burger determines its taste. If you are looking for a good burger, then a fat of about thirty percent is best. And for a better one, the percentage should be near about 40. The fat present in burgers bring flavors and form a juicy texture. But for black and blue burgers lesser fat is used, which are near 20 or 10.

What Is The Best Blend Of Meat For Hamburgers?
What Is The Best Blend Of Meat For Hamburgers?

Grinding The Meat For Hamburgers

The best meat for hamburger is not the meat of lamb or pork but the meat of beef.the best way of grinding the meat is to grind the meat twice, which gives it a texture where individual pieces of meats still exist, which makes it even tastier. Usually, the stores try to hide the fact by making it some kind of paste, but in the case of burgers, fat can be useful.

Cutting The Beef

The most important thing is, the meat will be required to have quality, will have to come from a mature animal, and will contain ideal proportions of fat and muscle. Cuts on tougher muscles are the best. The chuck, round and brisket are the lean sources of meat. And from the navel and short ribs, fattier meat can be contained.

Burger Blends From The Meat Hook

Meat hook contains a great variety of burger blends, they are as follows:
House blend: 70% lean muscle from chuck or round and 30% fat from short rib or brisket.

Fat kid blend: with 70% lean muscle and 30% bacon.
Hypertension blend: with 75% lean muscle and 25% pastrami.
Dry-aged blends: with dry age steak trimmings.

Meat For Hamburgers: Making The Patties

To buy a hamburger maker is ideal. While working without a patty maker, we will have to be careful about pressing the meat, as can make it less juicer.

Seasoning The Pattie

What Is The Best Blend Of Meat For Hamburgers?
What Is The Best Blend Of Meat For Hamburgers?

Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper are ideal for seasoning if the meat is good.

Burger Buns

Potato rolls are ideal for this purpose or some pre-toasted mayo can be used.


Kewpie mayo, ketchup, and chopped pickles can be used to make the sauce. Where the proportion of mayo is little more than ketchup.

Meat For Hamburgers: Cooking

At first, the pan should be heated in medium-high heat, then the patty is heated by both sides while adding cheese for 3 to 4 minutes, then the pan is left covered for a minute to complete the cooking.


Although there are various types of burgers available with different flavors and taste, yet there are a few factors which makes it perfect for human consumption. There is a brief description of the benefits and contents of a burger. The preparation of the food and essential ingredients describe which makes it a perfect bun to taste.

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